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Thank you for your interest in my campaign for LA County Superior Court Judge. As one of the nation’s largest unified trial court systems, serving one of the nation’s most diverse urban populations, the Court’s judicial officers must come to the bench equipped not only with experience but with a real-world understanding of our city and its people. Born, raised and educated in East Los Angeles, I know the community and I understand the issues.

From representing the people of LA as Chief of Staff to Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero, to my work as Counsel for the State Assembly Committee on Public Safety, to my service as a Judge on the State Bar Court for the last decade, I consider myself fortunate to have dedicated my career to serving others.

In all of my various professional roles, one principle has shined through – the rule of law which is the foundation for upholding our basic rights. Now I am ready to do my part on the LA County Superior Court to ensure all our citizens have equal protection under the rule of law.

But I can’t do it without your help. The primary is June 5th, please make a campaign contribution today to help me reach my fundraising goal!

I believe together we can see justice served on the LA County Superior Court.


Judge Lucy Armendariz
State Bar Court of California

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June 5, 2018